CAT A and CAT B Fit Out

At Colnesett, we are proficient at carrying out both CAT A fit outs and CAT B fit outs, according to what you need. Our location in Suffolk makes us a brilliant place to come to if you need a CAT A or B fit out in Suffolk, Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

CAT A Fit Out
A Category A fit out involves fitting out the interior space to the point where it has taken on its rudimentary shape. For instance a CAT A fit out will involve raised floors and suspended ceilings, and the installation of electrical systems. It should leave the space with its basic floors, walls and services.

CAT B Fit Out
A Category B fit out is the next stage after a CAT A fit out has taken place. This is where the interior is tailored to the company who will be using the space. Partitions are installed to create the individual spaces that you require, utilising both solid and glazed partition systems. Mechanical and Electrical installations, Joinery, Decoration and flooring completes the individual look and specific needs are met with the addition of facilities such as kitchens, staff areas, reception and IT rooms.
Whatever your needs, Colnesett can carry out a CAT A or B fit out to meet them and, where a space needs to be reverted back to CAT A fit out under dilapidations, we can carry out the deconstruction of the CAT B fit out.

To find out more about having a CAT A or B fit out implement, contact us today.