Caring Homes Group Ltd

Client: Caring Homes Group Ltd

Location: Colchester, Essex 

Project Type: Constructing new demountable double glazed partitions to form meeting room and staff breakout area in 886 The Crescent to allow relocation of Works & Projects and Maintenance department from 830 The Crescent. Alterations to existing power, lighting and data and new plumbing supplies. Fitted new kitchen and flooring to staff are and decorated to match existing.

Moved staff across to 886 to allow considerable alterations to part of ground floor office in 830 The Crescent. Constructed new IT staff area, reversed existing ground floor staff breakout area and constructed new double glazed HR Directors office on ground floor. Altered lighting and altered/installed new power and data to suit new office layout. Fitted new flooring and ceilings and redecorated throughout. Fitted new office furniture and moved HR department into new office space from 1st floor at 830 The Crescent.

Contract Period: 5 weeks

Project Value: £65,000.

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